One Full Year & No Posts – It Begins Anew….Now…I Think

I have been unlucky with injuries the last 4-5 years. I had a back surgery )laminectomy and discectomy) in 08 and fought to get back to triathlon training and racing. I was running for a while, especially while I was overseas. I came back and did one Sprint Tri and was disqualified for crossing the centre line…silly rule? Yes, but a rule none-the-less. No biggie. But I was knackered after the swim; I thought my swim background wouldn’t decay too much and I was wrong…very wrong.

So fast forward to Summer 11. I break my ankle; they say its the talus but after months and months of rehab turns out it is the calcaneous and it still isn’t right. So what to do? Back to swim training and bike training. I am now back into masters for the last week and will be doing some trainer rides over the next couple months. I hope my ankle gets to the point where I can hit the trails for some biking and then, I can only hope, back to the run.

My hope is to get well enough to complete an Ironman race in 2014, but if things don’t go well 2015. If things really don’t go well then I will try to hook on to some relays.

So today’s swim workout was long…

400x WU FS
4×100 kick

-200 free
-3×100 IM
2×300 pull
5min CD
=3500m not including CD

So back on the saddle and in the pool.


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