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Another Good Swim Workout

Another longer swim workout, still having trouble with endurance. My stroke is breaking down and getting sloppy as I get tired. I am noticing it, so I am able to correct it but it it still breaks down.

200x drill

6×100 on 2:20
1×200 IM
6×100 on 2:15
1×200 IM
6×100 on 2:10
50x easy

3×100 Br on 2:20
3×100 IM on 2:20
100 easy

Good times and a good workout – I love getting back into the pool and will be signing up for the Across the Lake Swim on Lake Okanogan in the summer. Just have to figure out my work schedule so I can fit in that swim and also a Gran Fondo. Looking at Penticton or Whistler – both look good; scenic and challenging. Just wish I could run.

What do I tell my kids about @LanceArmstrong?


What do I tell my kids about @LanceArmstrong?

Is he still my “man crush”?

Do I still defend him?

The answers are: Lets get back to it; sure and; yes and no.

How can I still have the “man crush” for Lance? Well lets see. I love endurance sports; I love partaking and watching. I love the survival and the emotion. Does doping ruin it? Yes and no. I will deal with the no first. It is still a pursuit of a goal. A goal that seems out of reach. How many want to to make it to a finish line? I want to finish an Ironman, a writer wants to finish their story, a painter wants to finish their artwork. Is it only that line we strive for though or is it the complete journey? In order to finish any triathlon or any goal, you work to make it there. Some will have shortcuts, some will be naturally gifted, more creative or able to push through. So will doping ruin that view of Lance or sport. No. Just like the fact that Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, the Stones or @NikkiSixx and the Crue were likely sitting in front piles of weed, coke or heroin when they created some of my favourite music. I loved watching the Lance videos of him training in the snow and freezing rain. It shows that even if he did dope, he was at least on that journey and working hard for his goals. When he reached those goals, he used the money and fame to create a greater awareness of cancer and the journey to recovery. Now why would doping ruin my enjoyment of endurance or my “crush”? Simply he ruined other people. Some good, some worse than he is and some only after a buck. But he should not have ruined a simple masseuse and made us all despise the “lying whore”. That is what I don’t like. The bullying hatred of “the trolls”. The threats and cancerous defaming of some good people.


Now do I still defend him? Yes and no again. He is still an advocate for cancer awareness, he still sends personalized messages to sufferers and he still believes in surviving cancer. Were all other cyclists doping? I don’t know for certain I wasn’t there. But what I can say is that you have to go pretty far down the start lists to find a rider not linked to doping from those 7 wins. But is that right? Nope, doesn’t make it right. It does however make me understand the culture and society that the riders lived in. You want to achieve your goals in cycling? You have to get the edge. Ulrich doped, but was lazy in the off season and did recreational drugs and that is why he didn’t win again after his first. He didn’t want to take the journey to get there. So you can leave out the drugs and still find those guys that worked the hardest right? Not quite that simple. Doping gives riders unfavourable gains because those that dope have better recovery after the hard training. So yes they work hard on their journey, but not fairly. So in short on this I defend Lance because he is not evil and the ruination of all endurance  sport, he did not shag the purity out of cycling or triathlon; he is both victim and perpetrator, a lesson to be taught and learned. Morally ambiguous, yet also benevolent. He is like most of us. He has done wrong and right. He is moral and immoral. He is not perfect and is flawed. We look for a hero because we are not one. He accepted the role and was found wanting in the end.


So what do I tell my kids. Nothing.

Lance is a reflection of most of us. My kids are not stupid and can see the right and the wrong. In fact this is now a better lesson. You can achieve and overcome whatever you want, but with shortcuts will come consequences. With cheating, comes punishment. With lying comes regret. With truth comes relief. And in time forgiveness but not absolution.


Another Swim Practice…Yes consistency!!

So another swim workout today….today was a bit different, in that I am ill yet still went. I have backend issues, chills and sweats. Somehow I stilled dragged my ass out of bed at 0455 or, as I like to call – O-dark-O-clock.

Decent workout for feeling so shite though. I push over to a slower lane to ensure I didn’t punish myself for going.

Workout today was…

400x free


-2x 100m IM

-2×100 free

8x 50 kick

2x 400 pull

50 cd


One Full Year & No Posts – It Begins Anew….Now…I Think

I have been unlucky with injuries the last 4-5 years. I had a back surgery )laminectomy and discectomy) in 08 and fought to get back to triathlon training and racing. I was running for a while, especially while I was overseas. I came back and did one Sprint Tri and was disqualified for crossing the centre line…silly rule? Yes, but a rule none-the-less. No biggie. But I was knackered after the swim; I thought my swim background wouldn’t decay too much and I was wrong…very wrong.

So fast forward to Summer 11. I break my ankle; they say its the talus but after months and months of rehab turns out it is the calcaneous and it still isn’t right. So what to do? Back to swim training and bike training. I am now back into masters for the last week and will be doing some trainer rides over the next couple months. I hope my ankle gets to the point where I can hit the trails for some biking and then, I can only hope, back to the run.

My hope is to get well enough to complete an Ironman race in 2014, but if things don’t go well 2015. If things really don’t go well then I will try to hook on to some relays.

So today’s swim workout was long…

400x WU FS
4×100 kick

-200 free
-3×100 IM
2×300 pull
5min CD
=3500m not including CD

So back on the saddle and in the pool.

New Year New Blog

Decided to move from Blogspot to WordPress this year and hopefully discuss issues, triathlon, cycling, swimming and my writing and photography.